Adhesive/sticky tapes

Adhesive/sticky tapes - commonly used to glue film and paper, close and strengthen cartons, repair and seal building elements, as well as to mark pedestrian crossings and designate parking spaces. They are ideal for manual as well as automatic packaging systems. The tapes use adhesives of natural or synthetic origin (rubber, Solvent, Hot Melt). We have a wide range of tapes in different sizes, colours (including printed) and adhesion to the substrate. The standard width of the tape is 48 mm, but it can also be from 9 to 150 mm. Belts are usually sold in cartons of 36 pieces or less, depending on the width of the rolls.

Our offer includes:

  • packing tapes
  • bilateral
  • camouflaged
  • printed
  • DUCT corrective tapes
  • alert
  • paper
  • devices facilitating the use of adhesive tapes.

Mac-Graf's offer