Polyethylene stretch foil

Polyethylene stretch foil is a universal packaging material and is the cheapest, easy to use and commonly used method of protecting goods. It is primarily used for wrapping and protecting loads on pallets during transport and storage. It covers loads against moisture, rain, dirt and sliding off the pallet. Thanks to its properties, the foil can be more or less stretchable, durable and sticky. It is a perfect substitute for adhesive tapes, does not damage and does not leave the adhesive on the wrapped surface. It is available in weights from 7 to 30 microns. Transparent foil allows for easy and quick recognition of packaged goods. We also sell stretch in color (white, black and blue), which additionally masks the goods and protects them against theft. Our offer includes hand and machine stretch, ministretch without a handle and with a handle to facilitate winding and stretch dispensers (in the section "Accessories and packaging equipment").

Manual stretch foil

As a standard, it is sold in collective packages of 6 rolls each, weighing from 1 to 3 kg or another (depending on the weight of the core). It is available in weights from 7 to 30 microns. In our offer we have hand stretch transparent and in color (white, black and blue), which additionally protects the goods against theft. There are also available 10 and 25 cm ministretch rolls without a handle and with a handle for easy winding.

Machine stretch foil

Designed for machine wrapping, characterized by high puncture and tear strength. Wide range of thicknesses - from 7 to 30 microns and stretchability from 150 to 300 % (stretch power and superpower) - allows to use the film in all branches of industry. Machine stretch film is used, among others, to secure cargo in transport: not only prevents the cargo from moving, but also protects it from moisture and prevents the pallet from tearing.As a standard, the foil is transparent, so you can easily and quickly recognize the packaged goods, as well as in black, which in turn protects the pallet against theft.machine stretch film is sold in kilograms.

Ministretch foil

Available in width 10 or 25 cm. It is used to wrap small parts of irregular shapes. It stretches during use. It is packed in several or several dozen pieces depending on the type of rolls. The 10 cm film is also available with a handle facilitating its vertical and horizontal unwinding. The use of the device during the wrapping of goods results in tighter adhesion of the film to the surface, moreover, it gives a better possibility of tearing off and cutting off the film. A specially shaped handle protects hands during packaging against injury.

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