Clips for banding straps are used to connect straps in packing and transport systems. The choice of the fastener depends on the type and width of the banding tape used as well as on the size of the load and the tensile strength that we want to obtain. We sell 4 types of fasteners:

  • polypropylene clasps/plugs - are used to fasten polypropylene or polyester tapes; they are made of polypropylene, which is flexible and resistant to tension and stretching.
  • metal fasteners - are used to join polypropylene tapes with a clamp or by welding two tapes with a clasp.
  • wire clips - are used to fasten polypropylene or polyester tapes, however, they are more resistant to stretching and can withstand higher stresses.
  • fasteners for steel tape - they are used with the use of devices such as pneumatic tensioner and pneumatic pliers.

Our offer also includes devices necessary for the use of fasteners (section "Accessories and packaging equipment").

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