Bubble wrap

Bubble/bubble foil - it is a packaging material with many advantages, mainly protective; it is flexible and at the same time tear-resistant, it adapts to the shape of any product. Thanks to its resistance to dirt and water, it guarantees the purity of the products and protects them from moisture. It is transparent, which makes it easier to identify the packaged products. It has good insulating properties. Air-filled bubbles protect the product from shocks and impacts. It perfectly fills empty spaces in collective packaging. The film is made of low-density polyethylene, which can be recycled. It is transparent or pink (antistatic) as standard. Bubble film is available in rolls from 0.15 to 1.8 m wide and 30 to 150 g/ m2 thick, as well as sheets and bags. As a standard, the foil is wound in rolls of 100 m each. Perforation is possible.

2-layer bubble wrap (B-1 i B-2)

The most popular type of wrap is 2-layer bubble lightweight film (B-1) and standard wrap (B-2) with a reinforced basis weight, formed by a layer of film and a layer with air-filled bubbles. It is available in widths from 0.15 to 1.8 m. It is possible to produce the film in colour and with an antistatic additive, which prolongs its anti-shock properties and prevents the accumulation of static charges. This makes it ideal for packaging electronic devices.

3-layer bubble wrap(B-3 i B-4)

The foil consists of 3 layers, where the middle layer is made up of closed air bubbles. Thanks to its properties, it allows to protect particularly delicate and fragile materials. We produce 3-layer ordinary film as well as strong and super-strong film with a weight of 80 to 150 g and a width of 0.15 to 1.8 m.

Foil with perforations

We produce sheets, sleeves, half-sleeves and bags wound on rolls with the possibility of tearing them off. Perforation of bubble foil is made in any width - starting from 10 cm. Thanks to perforation, the use of foil to protect and wrap products is much more convenient and faster.


In order to increase the possibility of using bubble foil, our company manufactures half-sleeves made of thicker or thinner bubble foil, in the size according to the customer's order. By sealing one side of the film, a half-sleeve is created in which products can be easily and conveniently placed and secured.


In addition to semi-sleeves, we also manufacture sleeves from bubble foil. By welding two edges of the foil, a sleeve is created, which perfectly protects the product placed inside. It is possible to make sleeves of various weights and sizes.


They are most often used as spacers between products or their elements in collective packaging and for wrapping metal, glass, wooden and other elements. They are designed to protect against scratches either breakage. They can be made of all available types of foils and laminates. On request, we can produce sheets of any size.


We produce bags made of bubble foil in any size according to the customer's order. They can be made of foil of various weights, depending on the degree of protection that we want to provide to the packaged ones. The possibility of perforation of the elements. The possibility of perforation facilitates the use of bags. In addition, at the customer's request, we make bags with adhesive tape, which enables packing of small gifts.

Printing on the foil

At the customer's request, we apply any digital print on the surface of the film.

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