Banding/fastening tapes

Banding/fastening tapes - they are used for securing (strapping) loads on pallets, securing cartons and packages, binding and joining various types of elements. Thanks to them, it is possible to safely transport large, unstable loads in transport by truck, rail and sea. The tapes are resistant to deformations, adverse weather conditions and chemical agents. They differ in strength and elasticity depending on the type of material used and the purpose. Banding tapes can be connected by hand (using wire, metal or polypropylene clamps), as well as by more specialized devices, ranging from manual vibration welders through automatic and semi-automatic machines, used mainly for packaging packages or unit loads.

Our offer includes:

  • polypropylene strip
  • polyester strap
  • steel strip
  • devices facilitating the joining of banding tapes.

Mac-Graf's offer